Magazine Specifications

Mechanical requirements

Send ads in print quality Adobe PDF format (preferred). A color printout of Acrobat PDF for proofing purposes should accompany all artwork that is not submitted as a PDF.​

Artwork under 10Mb can be emailed to

For larger files, use our ad materials dropbox at

Additional advertising information

All ad rates are quoted for full color advertisements.

Cover positions are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Preferred positions can be requested by full page advertisers, subject to availability. Special positions are available adjacent to the Contents page, regional news, first technical article and new products section.

Global SMT & Packaging can create your full color advertisements for you from text supplied, photographs and graphics at no extra charge.


A video can be added to your advertisement simply by providing us with a version of the ad that has a blank space designed in for the video to be placed over.If you want readers to be able to click to bring up a contact form, add a “Click here to contact us now!” button.


mp4 format. Maximum size: 50Mb.


mp3 file. Maximum size: 50 Mb.


SWF format.
Action Script: 3.0. Maximum size: 50MB.

Keep all movie clips and animations inside a mask that is contained within the stage to ensure your animations stay within your stage. DO NOT embed .mp4 files.

We no longer accept flash or .flv format anymore.

Other tips

  • first frame must be exactly the size and shape of the stage. entire stage on frame one must be filled.
  • no masking allowed on the first frame.
  • no nested movie clips with animations or masking or code on the first frame.
  • no code on the first frame.
  • if you need to have masking and interactivity it can exist in frame two which can have “stop()”.


Print specifications