Open days – product launches – technical seminars – sales meetings

Holding these events are a great way of promoting your products and brand to your existing customers, attracting new customers and reinforcing your position as a thought-leader in your industry segment.

Physical Events

They can be in-person, Physical Events held in your factory or in a local hotel or conference center. Nothing beats that personal contact and the opportunity to network with your peers. Depending on your budget, you can invite your premier existing customers and upsell them on your latest products and services. You can also invite your greatest potential customers, who will have the opportunity to network with your senior managers and customers, who are already ‘raving fans’ of your product or service.

Digital Events

They can also be done online as Digital Events where your reach can be much wider. Digital events are not constrained by ‘cost per attendee’ and you can invite a more knowledgeable range of presenters from a wider geographical area and you can afford to increase your invited audience exponentially.

Another significant benefit of digital events is the ability to have greater control over who attends and the ability to see the behavioral analytics of what attendees watch or show interest in.

Hybrid Events (Livestreaming)

Hybrid Events, as the name implies, is a mixture of both the Physical Event and the Digital Event and generally comprise a mix of prerecorded and LIVE content. To create the maximum impact and reach, you can hold a professional, high-level in-person event and Livestreamed to a wider audience using our professional video team. The video team can also interview presenters off-stage and guests as they mingle, to convey a stronger vibe for the energy in the room.

What we offer

Global SMT TV can offer a range of services to help you organize these events:

Physical Events

Digital Events

Hybrid (Livestreaming)

Why use Global SMT TV?

Quite apart from the professional quality organizing and presentation skills offered by our talented team of designers, editorial, production and video teams, we are uniquely placed to help you achieve your event goals:

If you arrange your Open Day with Global SMT TV, we guarantee to make you look great!  Best Part – you can pick a la carte or total package! 

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