Getting started

Designing a marketing campaign. The number of platforms and options continues to expand. Here are a few tips on how to navigate the Global SMT & Packaging media platform to achieve maximum impact and success.

Decide which type of campaign messaging you want? Is it brand building, product launch, exhibition support?

For companies marketing their products into new territories for the first time, brand building is an essential first step. Your brand may be well established in your home territory, but the chances are nobody will know you in the new territory you are targeting. Successful brand building achieves a number of goals. First, it creates market awareness that not only reaches potential buyers, but also potential distributors and reps who may want to promote and sell your product. When your sales rep goes into a customer site to promote your product, the last thing they want to do is to spend the first 30 minutes of the conversation explaining who you are. Brand awareness also promotes trust in a product, whether it is justified or not. Customers like to buy from known and trusted sources.

What forms of media do you think will best express your message - is it print, digital, video or other forms of promotion?

Different forms of media provide different experiences and results. Print media for example is known to have the best "stickiness". Put simply, the reader notices your ad on the page and remembers it's location for longer, compared to other form of media. A full page print advertisement is still the strongest promotional statement you can make. Digital media is versatile, measurable and can be linked to your own website or landing page. Graphical ads have impact, but it is well-documented that text ads with a small image attract more click-thru's. Video ads are a great way to convey a lot of information in a short space of time. The human eye absorbs more information quickly than from a text or fixed graphical image, such as an advertisement. Other forms of promotion include Educational information in the form of White Papers, Webinars, Blogs, Podcasts and Social Media packages.

What is your budget? Your budget may determine what forms of media you can afford to include.

In a balanced campaign one would include elements from each of these media forms, but in all but a few cases, marketers are constrained by their budgets. It is therefore essential to clearly map out the form of campaign needed and then consult your local Global SMT & Packaging sales representative, who will be more than happy to help steer you through the media maze to gain maximum effect.