It takes a small, but special team to create the magic at Global SMT & Packaging. Here are some of the main team members who play a role in making that happen.

Trevor Galbraith


Trevor joined the electronics industry in 1989 and spent his early years in academic publishing before founding Trafalgar Publications in 1999. He travels extensively, has a passion for new technologies and sits on the SMTAi Technical Committee.

Valeria Galbraith​

Office Administrator​

Valeria joined the family business in the last year, where she handles all contra-deals and manages the company database and updates the company CRM system and analytical reports.

Sandy Daneau

Int. Director of Sales

Sandy has been in the electronics industry for more years than she cares to remember. She has many friends and contacts within the industry and is an avid soccer-mom!

Penny Jernigan

Accounts & Operations​

Penny ensures things happen when they should. A highly-experienced organizer, events manager and accountant, Penny handles everything from salaries and accounts to printers, deadlines, shipments and all things in between.

Heinrich Ferreira

Digital & Web Design

Heinrich produces all our digital assets and ensures our websites are running efficiently and effectlivey to deliver an optimal user experience.